Friday, November 4, 2011


Wow it has been a very long time since I have been on here.  First I lost my password then I didn't have a computer and then I just plain did not care to do it and completely forgot.  But life has been going so great and I want to keep the momentum going so I decided that I was going to try to get logged back on and it worked and here I am.  I probably have done many things that are on my list over the last year and a half and many things that I will want to add.  So bare with me over the next few days while I get things set up, but I am glad I am back and I know that this will be fun!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

#27 Take a yoga class

So yesterday I signed up for a five week Yoga class that meets twice a week, Mon and Wed.  Well today was Mon and I had my first class.  More amazing then doing something off my list is that I did something for myself.  I do not go do things without my family, this is only because with how much I work and Shane and I working oposite shifts our time is already limited, but we both relized that it is okay for us both to have our own thing.  So Shane will be racing this year and I will be taking differant classes for my list and also to lose this three and a half year baby weight.
So back to my class, it was amazing.  I feel so refreshed and calm.  I know that it is not as big of a workout but it is a great start.  It has got me motivated and ready to conquer anything.  I went big with the two classes and I know that I will not regret it.  A little side note when I pictured my class I thought of nice wood floors, mirrors, low lighting and soft music.  Well I got a great surprise, I guess when you take a class at a rec center they have limited space because my class was in Noah's and Jorja's preschool class.  Thats right tiled floor with left over glitter from art class, with limited space alloweed with pushing all the tables together.  Even after all this it still was peaceful and I loved every min of it, well there were a few positions that were a little difficult but by he end of five weeks I will have it down.
I do not have a picture because I didn't want to offend anyone by taking a picture of them.  I did try to take a picture of my mat but the battery was died, maybe next week.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

See a 3D movie # 40

Today was a very big day for us, two down from my list.  We saw our first 3D movie, Shane had also never seen one so it was the first for all of us.  One thing I need to say is WOW it is expensive to go to a 3D movie.  But with that said it was really fun.  I liked the movie and it was neat to have things flying at you, but at the same time it took about a half hour for my eyes to adjust and not feel strained.  Noah and Jorja were not as into the classes as Shane and I and it was like pulling teeth to get them to put them on.  In the end I just let it go.  I didn't want to ruin the move just to have them wear the glasses.  They loved the movie and had fun and they didn't even know what they were missing.

Go to Disney On Ice # 165

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make ginger bread cookies #233

This one was actually a challange.  I looked for ginger bread cookie mix forever and could never find it.  I almost posted last week that we just used the ginger bread man cookie cutter and could not find it, but then I thought I would just find a receipe and make them from scratch, but I was in luck I found the mix.  The sad thing is that it was there all the time and I just didn't see it because it was with the cake mix.
But the wait was worth it, the house smelled amazing and the cookies were great.  They weren't the most perfect ginger bread men, they were a little cubby, but they were amazing and the kids had a lot of fun.


So when I put this on my list I pictured something a little more romantic.  Candels, soft blankets, lot of pillows and maybe some champagne, but this was not exactly what happened.  As soon as the kids saw that we were starting he fire and moving the couch, they included themselfs and started getting all their pillows and blankets.  I think in the end we had every pillow and blanket in the house.  We then decided to make it a fun fort party.  We had icecream  and we watched Coraline. 
Since Shane has a bad back he decided that he was going to sleep on the couch and the kids and I would sleep on the floor.  We had one big problem, we have hardwood floors and no matter how many blankets we had there was no way that this was going to be comfortable.  Everyone but me fell asleep, I tried to lay with Shane but it was too tight and finally at midnight I gave up, but the kids in their beds and Shane and I headed to ours. 
So in the end we didn't make it the whold night, but it did make a normal eveing at home a little more fun for all of us and thats what this is all about.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We have only been in our house a week and we already had our first party...  I bet our neighbors love us!!!   This last Sat we had a Poker/ Housewarming party.  It was a spur of the moment party, but we had a lot of great friends that were able to celebrate are new home with us.  The party turned out to be more talking and hanging out and not as much poker, but Shane did have a good game and won. 
When we lived in the apartment we rarley had people over because of the lack of space.  With four people, two cats and a dog it was hard to fit anyone in, so it is great that we now have a big enough house that will allow us to have tons of people.  I can't wait for summer to have BBQs and outdoor poker parties!!!
Of course I forgot to take pictures all night, but even with my druken stupper I was able to get one in the end of Shane, Meg and Chris.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

# 133 Have live plants in the house

Wow it has been almost a month since I last posted.  Well things in my life have changed a lot.  We moed out of our apartment and now have a beautiful home.  It has only been a week since we have been here but I feel like it is really going to make a differance in how I feel and living the life that I have always pictured.  I have completed another item from my list.  I am unable to pull up the exact number but it was having live plants in the house.  When we moved in I finally planted two tree/plants (not sure what they are) in the planters that I bought about three years ago.  It was really easy and they look amazing around our fire place.  I also got two new pots and we split up another plant to plant those.  Again very easy but we lost one of the pots when Jorja decided to throw the trash away and the pot was in it.  I thought that we were going to glue it and replant it later but we lost the plant to Whipple when he tore it up.  Bu one survived and it looks very cute in the window.  We have amazing light here and I hope to more plants in the future.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So this one has been an on going battle for me.  Shane is always telling me stop bitting my nails, even my kids yell at me.  They have a healthy CD that they listen to in the car and it has a nail bitting song.  Yes thats right a song devoted completely to nail bitting.  So I decided that this was going to be the month that I STOP.  They say that it takes 21 days to create a habit so it has been 21 days and my nails look awesome. 
I really think that I didn't have a problem with bitting my nails as much as I did with keeping up with them.  It takes a lot of work to make them look good and lets face it I have better things to spend my money on then having them done.  I use my hands all day long and I am constiantly having to file them so that they don't break and now I have resorted to using Jorja's Barbie pink polish to keep them hard.  I think it was just easier to bite them then to have to keep up with all the pampering.
But I hope that I can keep up with it because they do look really nice!!!


So it took me a bit to post this one becase we had some difficulty.  The kids and I bought a bird house kit at Hobby Lobby and tried to make it on our own, but it was really hard getting the nails started, so we had to wait until Shane got home from work to help.  We started then by getting out our red paint and painting each side.  Thank goodness that we had paper down because things got a little messy.  When Shane got home we were able to start putting it together, but I think that we had too many people helping because we ended up putting the roof pieces on backwards and that resulted in us not being able to put on the top.  Shane keeps saying that he will take it apart and fix it, but face it he's a man and his "Honey Do List" is a little long.  So for right now we have a pretty cute little bird house that looks like it was done by a bunch of kids!!!
We will see if by the time we get in to the house and hang it, if it ever gets fixed.

Friday, February 5, 2010


So its been about one month since I started my blog and I wanted to take a second and recap.  I started this blog on Christmas day when I suddenly got the idea with a flash of energy.  This is how most of my motivation comes.  I am do nothing and then I decide that I want more of something in my life and I come up with an amazing idea that I start and never finish.  Well this time I got farther then normal.  I am really committed to doing this blog, but the reason I started it is not being fullfilled.
I started this blog to find myself and to really live my life, but that is not what I am doing.  I feel like I need to explain myself a little better so that everyone has a clear picture of who I am .
I am motivated in mind but not by action.  I dream big but do not fullfill.  Do I think am lazy?  No, I do a lot.  I work at least 45 hours a week.  I take care of my kids and try to be the best mom and wife that I can be, but there is so much missing.  I aspire to be so much more, to do so much more.  That is why so many things on my list are so simple.  I am always saying that I am going to do something and never follow through.  Simple things like doing crafts with the kids will get replaced with a movie so it gives me time to relax.  I say that I am going to lose the weight, but here I am three years later still over weight and doing nothing about it.  These are all things that I feel will help me really live.  My mind gets so foggy sometimes and I feel lost.  I want to wake up and live the life that I have always imagined.  I started by saying that when I win the Powerball I will do this and I will do that.  This is when I relized that many of the things that I wanted to do I could be doing.  This is why this last month is still me just doing the motions but not really feeling the change.  Don't get me wrong I did do many things but I am not changing my life.
This month I am going to try harder to achieve my goals and make it a life changing month.  I want to see myself get more motivated and feel like I matter.  I will be starting with some things from my list that will help me get there.  This month I am going to get organized, we are going to stick with our chour chart, we will start eating healthy and working out regularly.  I will go to church every week and do my meditations.  All this I feel will be a huge step in getting my mind clear and focused.
Wish me luck, here I go on my next adventure.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This one is very simple, but something that I have said that I am going to do for so long and always put it off.  My kids love to help with everything and this includes cooking.  Most of you know over the last year I have become some what of a master chef : )  and I love to have my babies with me in everything that I do, but living in an apartment comes with a small kitchen.  So you can imagine that with all of us in the kitchen at the same time it can become pretty cramped and the kids are always fighting over who gets to help.  My mother in law has a stool at her house that the kids use to help in the kitchen and I always thought that it would be a good idea to have the kids make their own stolls so that it would make it easier in the kitchen.  Well today we found out that we got the house and so I was thinking of all the great decorations we could do and I thought about the stolls  So the kids and I traveled to Hobby Lobby and then to Mardels in search of stools to make.  Noah picked out a oval one, while Jorja Picked out a heart.  We painted them and ate dinner while they dried, then they each picked out stickers and stuck them on.  It was a very fun craft and I am excited to see them in our new kitchen.


It has been a while since I have posted.  Life has been crazy these last couple weeks with Shane's back troubles, the kids coming home and getting ready to move that I have not had much time to write, but I did complete another thing off my list last week.  I learned to change my oil.  With a mechanic for a husband you would think that I would have already known how to do this, but this was not the case.  I am always teeling Shane that I think that you should have to go to school for eight years like a doctor just to be a mechanic.  Every time he trys to tell me about something, or show me I get so confused and if you know me, you know that I can not stand being bad at anything that I do, so I just give up. 
Well Shane got permission from his work that I could come in and change the oil on my car, but I had to also learn how to mount and balance my new tires.  Changing my oil was pretty easy and I felt great about learning how to do it, but the mounting of the tires was another story.  It was really hard to pull off the tires and then put the new ones on.  After the first one Shane saw that it could be pretty bad if I ended up using the mechine wrong, so he did the mounting and I got to do all the balancing.  Again it was really fun and I was challanging Shane on who could go the fastest.  I had a really great time working with Shane and I hope that they have a Take Your Wife To Work Day!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I think that when I put this one on my list it really could mean any restraunt that is well known, so that would include McDonalds, Olive Garden and so on.  So I picked a fun restraunt that I have wanted to go to and that was Benihana.  Shane and I went there for dinner tonight and it was pretty fun.  I loved the enviroment and the food was AMAZING and didn't effect my diet!!!!  It was interesting to sit with other people and have dinner with them.  We sat with a group of six who were having a 19th birthday party, we tried to make conversations with them but it was hard because it seemed like they wanted to keep to themselfs.  Overall I would do it again.  I really think that the kids would like it too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Go Hiking #35

It being a Sunday and all I thought that I should do something that involves peace and nature, so Shane and I went hiking.  Thanks to Chelsea we found a great beginner trail at Red Rocks that got your heart rate up but was not to tiring. It was great to get outdoors and not think about anything except the beauty.  As much as I talk about moving to NY and being in the big city, parts of me will always be that country bumpkin from MN that grew up playing in the dirt.  I will just have to "hike" through Cental Park.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Completd # 243 Dye hair black

So that may seem simple to many people, but for me my hair is like a pet.  I have been growing it out for about four years and I do not do much with it besides trims, so dying it black would be very dramatic, but I did it.  I have always loved dark hair and feel like it make you look more exotic.  I got a lot of good feed back today at work, except for the fact that parts of my forehead are a little darker then they should be because it stained my skin, but overall I love it!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

#21 Completed Go Skydiving

So today was an amaing one, I went indoor skydiving.  The best part about it is that I had no idea that I was going to do it until I got to the door.  Earlier in the week Shane told me that he had picked something off my list and that we were going to do it on Thur and that it was going to be a surprise.  I was really excited, but if you know me, you know that while I love surprises I never get them because I pester everyone to tell me to the point that they get annoyed and just tell me.  But this time I forced myself to wait and see. 
So here I am eyes closed walking into a building and then seeing that I am about to go skydiving in a tunnel that goes 120mph.  I was very nervous, but it was amazing.  I thought that I did pretty well and kept my positions.  It felt so crazy the pressure in your ears and the way your face flaps.  I am so glad that Shane surprised he.  It really forced me to just do it and not think.  This is the reason that I did the blog.
Thank You Baby!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

#198 Completed Eat a fish taco

This one might seem simple to a lot of people, but for a very picky eatier it was a challange and that is why I put it on my list.  When I was little my mom would have to pick out the green things in ramen soup and I would eat mac and cheese without the cheese.  So you can see how eating a taco wih anything other then meat and cheese would be a obstacle, butI did it.  Shane and I went to Wahoo and I had a fish taco with nothing but cheese.  It was actually not bad.  I am not sure if I would have it again, but I think that it had some good flavor.  I did really like Wahoo's and thought that it had a great atmosphere, so maybe we will go back there again for happy hour.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

#37 Completed Hold a Snake

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh this is one of the scariest things that I have ever done.  I am terrified of snakes to the point where when I walk past a cage at a pet store I will start sweating.  I even have dreams of snakes taking over my house and eating me a live.  But today I did the unthinkable, I held a snake.  Shane and I went to the pet store and explained to them what I was doing and wanted to see if they would let me hold one of their snakes.  I was worried that they wouldn't, but now that I look back of course they were going to let me.  I girl scared of snakes, holding one ,this is going to be the most amusing thing of their day.  So I did it, well it took a bit of time, a lot of screaming and maybe a fewjumps, but I Katina Bradley held a snake and even now an hour later I feel like I am going to have a heart attach.  There is so much adreniline going through your body that it feels like you are going to pass out.

I conquered my fear of holding a snake, but I still will neer have one as a pet.  Sorry Noah.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

#169 Completed Cooking with a wok

So I just got done eating an amazing dinner that I cooked with my new wok that I got for Christmas. I made a mongolin pasta that was very good. The sause was a little difficult to figure out since I was going off of the taste from a restraunt, but it was still good. I would like to go to the Asian market this weekend and see what other sauses I can find.