Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So when I put this on my list I pictured something a little more romantic.  Candels, soft blankets, lot of pillows and maybe some champagne, but this was not exactly what happened.  As soon as the kids saw that we were starting he fire and moving the couch, they included themselfs and started getting all their pillows and blankets.  I think in the end we had every pillow and blanket in the house.  We then decided to make it a fun fort party.  We had icecream  and we watched Coraline. 
Since Shane has a bad back he decided that he was going to sleep on the couch and the kids and I would sleep on the floor.  We had one big problem, we have hardwood floors and no matter how many blankets we had there was no way that this was going to be comfortable.  Everyone but me fell asleep, I tried to lay with Shane but it was too tight and finally at midnight I gave up, but the kids in their beds and Shane and I headed to ours. 
So in the end we didn't make it the whold night, but it did make a normal eveing at home a little more fun for all of us and thats what this is all about.

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