Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well it took a bit to get started, the holidays were hectic but now I am ready to tackle my list. I completed two today and am very excited to share my experiances. So my amazing husband got us tickets to go to the Broncos vs Chiefs game for today. We got a bunch of Broncos geer and cheered on our team. We did lose but it was still fun to see everyone getting so excited and crazy over a football game. I never knew how intense it could get. Our seats were next to about 100 high school football players who were Broncos fans and then four Chiefs fans. The banter was funny but since I had never been to a game I was also scared because I thought that they would really start fighting, but no blood was shed.

I also was able to complete another on my list Ride a city bus. We took the city bus to the game and I was as happy to do this one. I have pretty bad motion sickness and the drive was not the best, but I survived.
#75 Ride a city bus
#108 Go to a football game

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