Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It has been a while since I have posted.  Life has been crazy these last couple weeks with Shane's back troubles, the kids coming home and getting ready to move that I have not had much time to write, but I did complete another thing off my list last week.  I learned to change my oil.  With a mechanic for a husband you would think that I would have already known how to do this, but this was not the case.  I am always teeling Shane that I think that you should have to go to school for eight years like a doctor just to be a mechanic.  Every time he trys to tell me about something, or show me I get so confused and if you know me, you know that I can not stand being bad at anything that I do, so I just give up. 
Well Shane got permission from his work that I could come in and change the oil on my car, but I had to also learn how to mount and balance my new tires.  Changing my oil was pretty easy and I felt great about learning how to do it, but the mounting of the tires was another story.  It was really hard to pull off the tires and then put the new ones on.  After the first one Shane saw that it could be pretty bad if I ended up using the mechine wrong, so he did the mounting and I got to do all the balancing.  Again it was really fun and I was challanging Shane on who could go the fastest.  I had a really great time working with Shane and I hope that they have a Take Your Wife To Work Day!!!

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