Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So it took me a bit to post this one becase we had some difficulty.  The kids and I bought a bird house kit at Hobby Lobby and tried to make it on our own, but it was really hard getting the nails started, so we had to wait until Shane got home from work to help.  We started then by getting out our red paint and painting each side.  Thank goodness that we had paper down because things got a little messy.  When Shane got home we were able to start putting it together, but I think that we had too many people helping because we ended up putting the roof pieces on backwards and that resulted in us not being able to put on the top.  Shane keeps saying that he will take it apart and fix it, but face it he's a man and his "Honey Do List" is a little long.  So for right now we have a pretty cute little bird house that looks like it was done by a bunch of kids!!!
We will see if by the time we get in to the house and hang it, if it ever gets fixed.

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