Thursday, March 4, 2010

# 133 Have live plants in the house

Wow it has been almost a month since I last posted.  Well things in my life have changed a lot.  We moed out of our apartment and now have a beautiful home.  It has only been a week since we have been here but I feel like it is really going to make a differance in how I feel and living the life that I have always pictured.  I have completed another item from my list.  I am unable to pull up the exact number but it was having live plants in the house.  When we moved in I finally planted two tree/plants (not sure what they are) in the planters that I bought about three years ago.  It was really easy and they look amazing around our fire place.  I also got two new pots and we split up another plant to plant those.  Again very easy but we lost one of the pots when Jorja decided to throw the trash away and the pot was in it.  I thought that we were going to glue it and replant it later but we lost the plant to Whipple when he tore it up.  Bu one survived and it looks very cute in the window.  We have amazing light here and I hope to more plants in the future.

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